My Name is Willie Hall.   A professional Fashion Designer based in the New Jersey and New York area.  I attended Piscataway Vocation Technical High School, and graduated June 12, 1981, with a diploma in Fashion Design.  After leaving high school, I decided to go on to college to become a nurse and medical assistant at the Bryman School.  I worked in this field for over twenty years. I continue to sew prom dresses for the young ladies in my community, as well as church attire, and other projects including reupholstering furniture.


My specialty is “Women/Men Ready-to-Wear” clothing.  Being a seamstress and medical assistant for over twenty years, I decided to go into fashion full-time, entering school again at the age of forty in 2003.  After graduating from The Art Institute of New York City in 2006, with 4.0 GPA, my career has taken off.  My teachers were my father, mother and grandmother.


I had the pleasure of working with designer-to-the-stars, Andre Van Pier for three years.  I learned so much from him.  But then again, he said that he learned a lot from me, too.  It was an honor for me to have worked on various celebrity garments such as Elizabeth Taylor and Stevie Nixs, as well as sketching for Michael Jackson and others.  I’ve also been featured in The New York Post, Heart and Soul, Grace Today, Versus of Virginia, Virginia Pilot Newspaper, Sheen Magazine, DAMM Magazine, New York Fashion Week, Virginia Fashion Week, Miami Fashion Week, and behind-the-scenes of Project Runway. Courtesy of BTE-TV, I received the Designer of the Year Award in 2009.  April 4th, 2011 I was feature in Jet Magazine, 2012 Fashion Avenue News, I-Fashion Magazine, and also Local News Papers in my community.


I have a business partnership, Rogues Gallery, co-owned by Ron Cooke of Virginia Beach, VA.  What this company does is give designers a chance to show during Fashion Week that cannot afford to show under the big tents during New York Fashion Week.   It gives them a platform to show their unique creations and it exposes them to the media and press as a way to sell their garments to the world.  I’ve also started the Willie Hall Foundation, which gives back to families with children who suffer with disabilities.  So many doors have opened for me in this industry because I believe in giving back, whether it’s my time or a garment.  God has blessed me so that I’m able to give back.


These things have made me appreciate my GOD-given talent, and that I’m able to share it with the world.  I want to thank my mother and my children for their continuous love and support, as well as everyone who has ever supported the Willie Hall Collections.  What’s missing is my father, whom would be so proud of his little girl.  My latest project was having the opportunity to dress Grammy Award-Winner and R&B singer, Melba Moore.  Fashion Police the movie with director Bruce Penn.